Knowing your customers these days is not just an option, it’s mandatory.

Companies approach their customers in different ways, depending on the reason they are contacting them: maybe for an issue, for misplaced expectations or to receive help with products or services.

It’s a team game…

It’s a team game between the agents managing the customer care and the company.

Agents should know exactly what procedure to apply depending on the reason the customer is contacting the company, and the company should provide the agent all the information about the customers possible needs and requirements as well as the training about how to properly manage each specific situation.

On one hand there are the agents, the employees, that must be extremely professional and committed to the role, taking care of the customers, and on the other there is the company that invests time and money investigating its typical customers’ needs and expectations.

Agents who manage calls from both disgruntled customers and calls from happy customers that require help represent the worst possible scenario.

Specific needs require specific approaches…

It is then obvious that the company should focus on:

  • Understanding customers.
  • Choosing what principles to apply when investigating how to approach customers.

In regards understanding customers; it’s not just about randomly contacting customers to investigate their requirements, for example once they have already decided to cancel their subscription, it’s already too late! Customers should be engaged continuously. For example, every time they contact, engagement could take place with a short email or phone survey. Let your customers feel part of the process, say thank you and ask them to collaborate with your company so they feel a part of the process.

About the principles to apply when investigating what approach to take with customers, it would be time to decide what are our core customer care elements: for example, do we want to focus on quality, speed or both?

What approach are you taking with your customers to learn about them?

Probably you don’t know, because you have not investigated enough who your customers are and what problems or requests they normally have.

This is normal as it can be an expensive process and sometimes companies don’t have enough time to run this type of customer care research and investigation.

However, answering your customers is not just responding to a call, there is much more to it; and it can be the difference between retaining or losing a customer.

Here at CXP we are passionate about people, and how to interact with them is our world. Let us manage all your customer care processes and services.  Let us increase the trust levels within your organisation and improve customer retention.

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