The difference between inbound and outbound call centres is in some respects very obvious and depends on the type of calls that they might specifically manage:

  • An inbound call centre as you would think manages incoming calls or inbound messages via digital channels such as e-mail, chat and social media, mostly from customers that want to place an order, need help or are experiencing issues.
  • An outbound call centre manages calls that agents undertake to reach an audience and these are mostly sales focused calls.

However, it’s not just about concentrating on incoming and outgoing calls. It is clear that the skills to manage the different audiences are significantly different so it then follows that the right people are employed, inducted and trained for the specific kind of calls that they are required to manage.

A person without the right personal attributes, perhaps not skilled or trained enough, will undoubtedly impact on the customer (inbound) or on the prospect (outbound).

Equally, technology has an important role to play here; we obviously do not simply talk about “phones” and telephony, we talk about training technologies, call listening quality monitoring CRM, audit technologies, live-chat and so on. Successful call centre outsourcing companies, as well as recruiting, training and developing great people offer years and years of experience and an expertise that can cover all the processes for companies that require the inbound/outbound process to be highly effective and professional. As importantly, the outsourcing partner, whilst understanding your company values and customer strategy, must possess the agility required to keep up with your customer goals. Usually, when starting a new business or entering a new market, it means that the company will try to cover as many roles at it can in-house in an attempt to have total control of all aspects of the business and to save money. With that move though, long term liabilities, lack of flexibility and sub-optimal economies of scale are often bi-products.

Time to outsource?

It is also common that companies, once they start achieving their business objectives, think about externalising call services, considering partnering with trusted and experienced call centre partners. Alternatively, they think about building the necessary departments in-house, in order to move their business to the next level.

However, once the business has found its level in the market, it is often clear that key decisions must be taken: do they employ new people and invest in additional premises, technology and customer management know-how to cover the customer service and sales or look to successful companies that already offer that service alongside the technology and knowhow to optimise the best possible service delivery.

So what’s the best solution?

There is not simple, easy answer about what is the best solution; if the company has time (…and money…) to undertake proper research for clients, create induction modules, to train new employees and run a specific process for internal audit; creating an in-house team for inbound/outbound calls and other interactions could be the right solution.

On the other hand, if they don’t have enough experience and lack the time to organise all the aspects that are required, then it maybe a better option to outsource to real experts that provide these kinds of services and offer complete cover of these aspects and years of expertise. Talking to a customer or targeting leads is not a straightforward process, they need expertise across People, Process and Technology to maximise the results: customers’ satisfaction and retention for inbound calls and leads to great customers conversion for outbound calls.

Let CXP help the decision making process…

CXP are on hand to help you find the right solution for your business. Years and years of experience and passion in call centre services will contribute significantly to achieving your company goals and achievements. It’s not just about being professional, it is also about passion and a deep desire to do whatever is needed to provide customers with a great experience. Contact us below and discover all the possible options and the solution types we can offer your business.

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