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Motivation for Change:

The client’s in-house sales team as well as a previous outsource partner were failing to provide enough new business to meet the client’s revenue and margin forecast.

The Desired Solution

The client set out a requirement with the following key characteristics:

  • Rapid deployment of experienced/well trained sales personnel to sell energy and TV/Broadband packages.
  • Ongoing agility to ramp up/ramp down dependent on business and customer demand.
  • A significant increase in quality sales performance.


A partnership was quickly formed between senior management of the business and CXP. After the desired solution was agreed, a rapid deployment plan was agreed which involved the recruitment and training of new staff, new property acquisition and fit out together with a leading edge technology platform. This was all achieved inside 6 weeks in line with the implementation. Other specific performance outcomes are as follows:

  • Increase in sales performance compared to client inhouse team by 20% in month one, reaching 100% by month 6.
  • Client dismissed previous incumbent outsource partner in month two, client ceased in-house sales team in month 18.
  • CXP delivered circa 22,800 energy sales and 16,800 media sales in year one.
  • CXP significantly increased the number of field sales appointments for the client’s field sales team visiting letting and estate agencies around the UK.


Our clients General Manager said “CXP delivered a performance beyond expectations in the first six months and have maintained delivery across the duration of our relationship. They have demonstrated an ability to increase headcount at short notice with a rapid speed to competence. Their ethos, flexibility and work ethic has matched our own throughout our partnership”.

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