Large UK Energy Retailer

They currently have around 300,000 customers and

our service handles approximately 20,000 calls per month.



The organisation

CXP have been working with the client’s ‘prepay’ energy division since 2018. The client wants to make life easier and better for their customers and is constantly striving to improve their energy experience. They aim to offer fresh thinking and innovative new products and services to meet their market’s unique needs, helping customers to track their energy usage and spending, and to set up automatic top ups.

They currently have around 300,000 customers and our service handles approximately 20,000 calls per month.

Motivation for change

The client was originally looking for a partner to deliver part of their New Business Acquisition in early 2018, with the aim of increasing their customer base. They engaged with CXP to provide a multi-channel solution focusing on sales per hour, quality / compliance, and customer experience, with a target of achieving 0.50 sales per hour at a minimum benchmark of 80% quality.

We formed a strong working relationship and they were impressed by our expertise and our desire to be part of their growth, so in mid-2018 they invited us to become involved in their customer service activity as an outsourced multi-channel partner integrated with their internal team to meet their forecasted increased demand for customer service calls.

This then developed into a strategic labour cost arbitrage project transitioning the outsourced service model refined in the UK offshore to our site in Durban, South Africa in 2019.

    The solution

     Our multi-channel solution included contact by telephone (inbound and outbound) and email, with contact types including upselling and complaints handling.

    In July 2019 we commenced a six-month ramp down from our UK and a 60 FTE ramp up within our site in South Africa. This was managed seamlessly, with no degradation to customer experience and KPI performance kept intact.

    Given the high call demands, communication – knowledge sharing, client collaboration and internal alignment – was key to our solution. Our client communication forums include daily planning calls, weekly joint operational reviews, monthly joint operational and planning reviews, and quarterly strategic reviews focusing on innovation, continuous improvement, and transformational change.

    The client set initial KPIs in line with the contract. We were able to exceed these and then work together to develop several key Customer Experience focused outcomes, including:


    • On certain call types and back office processes increasing efficiency by up to 35% and 75% respectively using our Robotic Process Automation tools and expertise.
    • Handling more than 250% over the forecasted call target – achieved by increasing online efficiencies to over 95% (against a typical contact centre occupancy level of 80-90%)
    • Reducing average call handling time by 15% – from the targeted 10 minutes to around 8,5 minutes
    • Helping to drive more accurate call forecasting and planning to better match intraday call arrival
    • Improving on quality and compliance benchmarks to over target performance
    • Increasing CSAT scores on agent interaction to 49.34 – an annual improvement of over 35%
    • Improving First Call Resolution to over 75%
    • Increasing sales-related performance by 100% and consistently delivering against campaign targets.
    • Transitioning the entire operation, a work from home solution within 4 working days
    • Expanding the service remit from front line customer service to incorporate complex customer escalations and back office activities

      Why CXP

      Our clients General Manager said “CXP delivered a performance beyond expectations in the first six months and have maintained delivery across the duration of our relationship. They have demonstrated an ability to increase headcount at short notice with a rapid speed to competence. Their ethos, flexibility and work ethic has matched our own throughout our partnership”.

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