CXP COVID-19 Statement

Disruptive Times

Our priority at CXP is to protect the well-being of our colleagues, clients and partners – and to carry on serving the communities and societies in which we operate.  

Despite the uncertainty we are all facing across the world, our business operations are resilient. Our colleagues across CXP are doing everything they can to carry on serving our clients and helping them to maintain the vital services they provide to customers.

Homeworking and remote solutions for >90% of our people have being introduced, to ensure the delivery of critical services. For staff who remain office based we have dispersed low numbers across CXP locations to minimise contact.

Business and supplier preparedness are central to our approach to this crisis, and we have robust measures in place to ensure we can continue to provide service to our clients. 

Our Board are reviewing this evolving situation regularly and making decisions every day to ensure we maintain our operations and capabilities as the situation evolves. 

We are here to serve our clients and provide continuity of high-quality services to their customers.

CXP Crisis Contingency Support

  • Reducing Human Labour Requirement via Automation – CXP are a UiPath Partner and experts in rapid deployment customer management automation via attended and unattended Robotic Process Automation (RPA). We can run remote workshops on key time-consuming contact centre processes and have a test ready within 2 weeks dependent on the complexity of the process. Reducing agent handling time is crucial to optimise resources required.
  • Free Capacity in Abundance – We have 4 fully equipped sites between Glasgow and Durban locations which between them have 500 workstations available. We have a tried and tested home working capability which has been deployed for over 90% of our colleagues. 
  • Supporting Business Continuity – A combination of dispersed office workers and remote/home-working staff can be utilised to support dispersal of staff and ensure customers are being served from home-working agents should client centres or our own centres have to be disrupted.
  • Pipeline of Talent – We have seen from recent recruitment advertising there is an extremely healthy response from experienced agents and management staff.
  • Available Resource – CXP have highly experienced operations management and quality assurance management available with experience in health, insurance, energy, water and telecoms ready to be deployed. This team have excellent experience in customer service, revenue generation and cash collection within industries where there are vulnerable customers.

Homeworking technology/connectivity solution utilised by CXP

CXP have been able to utilise a network infrastructure spread over multiple sites, specialist agent and team security and performance monitoring technologies, our UK data centre and an Azure public cloud to facilitate home-working: 

  • Some customers use a mixture of our systems via site-site VPN and their own systems delivered via Citrix and whitelisted IP – we provide VPN into our site and connectivity out.
  • Some clients use our own systems as well as client systems and we provide VPN directly into our data centre and onward connectivity to client systems.
  • In some scenarios we have connectivity to client systems from a secure Azure environment and provide connectivity for our agents into this environment and out again to client systems. We are deploying Windows Virtual Desktop in combination with our telephony platforms to provide flexible access to virtually any system from any device.

CXP operate a vendor neutral cloud first technology stack, which offers our clients the flexibility to utilise as much or as little of their existing platforms as required, with CXP filling the gaps. This can include anything from traditional contact centre platforms with VPN connectivity, modern web-based platforms with WebRTC softphones, or CXP providing the full suite of contact centre technologies from voice to online and social media. Our own platforms have the flexibility to provide everything from outbound predictive dialling to handling of Trustpilot reviews.

We have developed a secure working environment combining best of breed technologies to ensure we have the tools and processes to support and secure our staff wherever they are located:

  • Comprehensive security stack including advanced endpoint detection and remediation, next generation SIEM and behaviour analysis, comprehensive vulnerability management, all remotely supported by the CXP team
  • Dedicated environment customised to each client’s requirements including specific system access and security controls
  • Digital Experience Monitoring to allow our team to proactively monitor remote staff experience and rapidly identify and resolve any issues from local PC to domestic ISP, SaaS services or our client’s systems.
  • Internal communication tools to ensure our staff continue to be supported and be part of the team when working remotely
  • Online Learning Management System to allow agents to fully participate in training, certification and ongoing updates
  • Employee productivity monitoring to help managers support staff remotely and identify those who need additional support