Early Stage Customer Collections

Credit Management

Delivering an effective collection
and recovery approach

The challenges facing the collections process are increasing. An uncertain economic climate, dynamic lending scenarios, and fast-changing regulatory environments are all driving higher delinquency, making collections more difficult. We understand that not all businesses have the time, resources or expertise to dedicate to a successful credit management programme, but efficient and effective credit control is critical to the success of any business.

Our blended approach

A high-quality performing credit control programme requires specialist skills together with the right systems and processes, and our toolkit supports multi-channel voice and digital conversations. We completely understand why maintaining a good client experience is paramount and we aim to resolve matters quickly and amicably without causing any detriment to your relationship.

Reaping the cost benefits

With extensive experience in delivering various collections and recoveries engagements, this approach is often blended into other front-line activities to maximise return on investment. With one of our key utilities clients this approach means that the value of business collected provides significant returns on investment meaning we essentially operate as a profit sector for their business.