Early Stage Customer Collections

A great way to decrease the number of delinquent customers.




The challenges facing the collections process are increasing. An uncertain economic climate, dynamic lending scenarios, and fast-changing regulatory environments are all driving higher delinquency, making collections more difficult. We understand that not all businesses have the time, resource or expertise to dedicate to successful credit management, but efficient and effective credit control is critical to the success of any business.   Our talented team will assume the responsibility for this vital function, allowing you to focus on your business secure in the knowledge that your credit management is in the hands of experts.

Customer focussed solutions for your business

With proven capabilities in early stage collections and a talented workforce, CXP has developed an effective and successful approach to collections based on “collections through service”. It’s one that diminishes revenue delays and losses whilst maintaining high compliance standards.

Good credit control requires specialist skills together with the right systems and processes, and our toolkit supports multi-channel voice and digital conversations.

We completely understand why maintaining a good client experience is paramount and we aim to resolve matters quickly and amicably without causing any detriment to your relationship.

Choosing a partner to help with your credit control can be a big step, but with multi-sector experience in interacting with customers of all sizes, we make the process as straightforward as possible, building a service with solutions that harness design-thinking methods, efficiency principles based upon real experience.

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