Inbound Customer Sales & Service

Inbound Sales & Service

Delivering great customer
experience at every touch point

Great customer experience is underpinned by getting the calls to the people who have the knowledge and, professionalism to make your customer feel valued whilst giving them the answers that they need quickly and efficiently. At CXP, our goal is to do “more with less” whilst enhancing your customer experience we proactively look to orchestrate our people with efficient processes and leading-edge technology to achieve our goal.

Delivering valuable conversations

At the heart of a great customer experience is successful execution of a great customer strategy. We look to maximise the potential of every call, and when you are looking to provide new products or services, we will work closely with you to understand how and when our advisors should make the most appropriate offer, helping you meet your growth targets and deliver a customer experience that is second to none.

Talented people having great conversations

At CXP our teams have years of experience designing, implementing, and managing customer experience solutions for clients across multiple industries from Retail to Utilities through to Insurance and Financial Services and the Public Sector. Solutions can be complex, but our mantra is to keep it simple. Our team are skilled in the art of conversation and are great listeners which, combined with our expert training programmes and close monitoring mean they are well prepared to provide your customers with an experience you would wish them to receive. We prepare our people to represent your brand in a highly professional and empathetic way, and we’ll ensure their skills are enhanced overtime, so they remain inspired, proud and motivated to be part of the team.

Where technology and client experience meet

CXP has made significant long-term investments in its technology platform providing best in class technologies that enable us to support multi-channel voice and digital services. Our platform fully supports omni-channel contact through a variety of mechanisms. Digital channels include email and SMS – both inbound and outbound, and extends to messaging (WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger), web-chat and social media. Our technology incorporates text and speech analytics and supports artificial intelligence, chat bots and robotic process automation.