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The understanding of the work environment, industry and client challenges has allowed us the opportunity to not only gain, but hone in on insights and solutions that benefit all our stakeholders.

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We’ve managed to cut 10-minute interactions to 6 minutes

As an outsourcer, we have embraced automation as part of a hybrid approach to improve our efficiencies. If automation is introduced to the situation, it can cut the time significantly taken thanks to a software robot getting and presenting the data in the blink of an eye. The result is that customers can resolve their query quickly and our clients benefit from a fluid and more efficient customer experience.

Read how our agents are empowered by this hybrid approach and how our data backs it up.

Thought Leadership

A collection of data and insight into the world of intelligent automation

A Hybrid Working Model

Business Improvement & Automation

Revolutionizing Customer Experience

Case Studies

A focus on credible experience is pivotal when choosing a strategic partner. Controlling and forecasting both costs and benefits is key, as is the agility and risk management we can provide for your business.

Rapid deployment shows in the numbers for a top UK water retailer.

Our client has progressed the development of a truly far reaching global business.

A shift to create a PAYG centre of excellence for a top 4 energy retailer.

Keeping one step ahead, always

Barriers to entry are constantly lowering due to the advent of new technologies as well as diversifications by companies in adjacent sectors to yours and those with financial muscle to buy market share. Together, working with smart people, being innovative and delivering great products backed by a distinctive customer experience are key to your success. To take on the competition effectively, working with a specialist partner who brings creativity, technologies and great people to the table can make a considerable difference and allow you to concentrate on your core business processes whilst we provide a cost-effective and high-quality sales and service solution to your customers.