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Local Authorities

Councils are facing a tough and complex set of pressures – cuts in funding, a rising demand for services and economic growth challenges. Local authorities have responded decisively – but further spending cuts loom.

  • How can local authorities transform themselves to respond to the pressures they face?  
  • What will the councils of the future look like?  
  • How can local government encourage growth in a climate of austerity?

At CXP, we believe we can be part of a solution by providing more flexible and cost effective ways to serve citizens, collect revenues and reduce the pressure on budgets.


According to PWC, the NHS trusts have been awaiting an economic and operational storm for the last 5 years. Some would say that storm has arrived.

There is an ongoing need for additional investment, transformation projects to unleash value and many core operational issues to deal with that could have a positive effect on patients across the UK.

Perhaps NHS trusts can benefit from revenue generating opportunities through commercial ventures in the future?

CXP is as much about helping clients understand the issues and opportunities as it is delivering efficiencies through an outsource partnership approach.

Whether it be a solution addressing missed hospital appointments or a facilities helpdesk solution, we can utilise our expertise and our cost effective, flexible approach to help.

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