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A challenge to providing great social media customer service is determining where to focus your time and resources, but one thing is for certain – you need to be where your customers are.  Almost 50% of the people who use social media have used it for customer service. At the same time, 95% of Facebook users do not have their posts answered. There’s growing consumer expectation that their conversations with you need to be fluid, spontaneous and in real time.

Digital Engagement

Tweets have doubled in length and voice to-text is available on any smartphone, but that doesn’t mean everyone’s using full sentences (or even full words). Shorthand is everywhere.  Your customers are interacting with your brand 24/7, sharing experiences on social networks, blogs and community pages and you want to make sure they are singing your praises.

Customers expect you to respond quickly, and the success and well-being of your brand in the digital world relies upon you keeping your audiences engaged.  At CXP, we’re skilled at supporting online customers through these digital channels and can provide this essential part of your customer engagement solution.  We utilise experienced customer service advisors, fully supported by social media engagement tools within a decision-making framework, ensuring we make a positive impact on dis-engaged customers and harness the opportunity to spread brand positivity.

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