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A collection of data and insight into the world of intelligent automation.

The Hybrid Working Model

The new world of work has employees demanding flexibility and customers expecting businesses to successfully implement, optimize and communicate plans for a hybrid workplace.

The change came overnight with many businesses flailing. So how did CXP manage the transition to offer employees a work-from-home contract in a matter of hours and share these vital learnings with clients as part of their offering?

The 2020 Shift to Business Improvement & Automation

In 2020 we saw the entire world shift their lives to digital everything. Commutes were switched to video calls, online delivery reached new highs and usage of digital communications soared. As a result, customer expectations have never been higher in terms of immediacy, precision, and to share their experience on social media.
For businesses, the shift to smart-working, home-working and resilient locational strategies has changed the dynamics in ways we could hardly imagine. Cost bases have changed, budgets re-aligned, competition is fierce across the board, and many companies are at an inflection point. The need to implement strategies that drive efficiencies and ease of use, whilst reducing cost is now a business imperative.

This document describes a number of different, approaches, initiatives and case studies relating to work undertaken by CXP to help our clients improve operational efficiency.

Revolutionizing the Customer Experience

Excellent customer experience and personalization are the hallmarks of a successful business. This is especially the case in markets such as utilities, financial services and telecoms where the ability of a brand to serve people well is a key differentiator. CXP has embraced automation in their partnership with UiPath to help clients achieve this.