Case Study

When Numbers Talk

Working with a
Large UK Water Retailer

The largest independent business to business water retailer in the UK which had grown from 0 to more than 350,000 customers in under 4 years. The business was formed by entrepreneurs with strong backgrounds in international finance, utilities and regulatory markets. Having become a dominant retailer in Scotland, in 2015 and 2016 the business made significant acquisitions in the English market.

The business has pioneered web-based switching of water services and affinity partnerships with groups including NFU Scotland and the Scottish Council for Voluntary organisations. In addition to supplying businesses of all sizes, they also are the supplier of water services for numerous charities of all sizes, as well as many housing associations.

The full liberalisation of the market in England occurred in 2017 and the business aims to take full advantage of this. The nature of the market post liberalisation is that many of the issues and challenges for wholesalers, retailers and customers are new. Innovation and dedication by customer service and support teams within the business has been crucial.

Motivation to Change

Via acquisition, the business grew considerably in 2015 and 2016/17. Being a highly customer centric company, the business set targets to increase levels of customer service via voice, web chat and email.

Their goal is to be regarded as number one for levels of service, customer satisfaction and regulatory compliance.

The Desired Solution

  • Rapid deployment of experienced/well trained customer service and back office administration personnel.
  • Ongoing agility to ramp up/ramp down and ability to rapidly change the type of resource/skill sets supporting the business customers dependent on business and customer demand.
  • A significant increase in customer service level, quality and collections efficiency.


A true collaborative effort was formed between senior management of the business and CXP. A rapid deployment plan was quickly agreed which involved the recruitment/ training of new staff, new property and technology. This was all achieved inside 6 weeks in line with the implementation. Subsequent ramp ups in resources and changes to skill sets have been achieved in line with agreed goals. Other specific performance outcomes are as follows:

50% increase in
customer sales

60% increase in
processed collections

Improved quality

Reduction in task


“CXP demonstrated huge passion, agility and skill in the initial and subsequent phases of what has become an important and successful strategic relationship for us. Our suspicion at the outset was that we needed a very experienced and agile mid-market partner rather than a national/ international BPO. We move fast and innovate/ change regularly and we found that CXP’s ethos and agility matched ours.”
Group Head of Operations – Large UK Water Retailer